How To Become A Successful Author Through The Use Of Free Thinking.

Ok people I’m back. Today was a strange day. Did you read the last couple of posts? Really, that was some boring, grasping at straws type of rubbish. Way to be creative Mr. Blog Writer.

Well, I did it because I lost focus. Sometimes you just have to stop thinking. Instead of just letting things flow. I was thinking about what to write.

I needed to take my Focusin. You know the fictional medicine given to Bart Simpson.

So I finally took it. There will be an ensuing rant.

I realize it was due to the fact that I have been reading technical manuals, tutorials, and how-to guides. Then I went to a website. It was an article about how to increase page rank. So another Techie article I ‘m reading.

She was creative in the way she was explaining how to do it. The basic premise was not to think about increasing page rank. Do what you want. Don’t worry about it. If the rank goes up, it goes up.

I was too busy thinking I might say something wrong. I might look bad to somebody that knew me. What, are you afraid you might say “masturbation”? Yeah, that’ll look bad to the people I know. The people I hang out with say a lot worse things than that.

That is what is so good about my friends. For the most part, you can talk about most anything.

Shit, I was worried if I swore Google or Amazon might drop me as an affiliate. Wow, that would hurt. You might lose that 9 dollars you earned. From the two people that clicked on them. One of which lives in Scotland.

That’s another thing. Why are you sitting around look at analytics? If people read what you write so be it. That’s right, I got 5 visitors today. Go do something fun. Don’t worry if someone on Twitter likes a post enough to come to your blog.

Write something fun and creative and they might just come back. I just noticed that I am basically talking to myself throughout here. Weird, but that’s basically the way I am.

The article I was reading was written by someone who was in a list for “Top 100 Creative People”. And she leads a team for Twitter. That’s about all I will say about the author without saying their name. Of course, really, who is going to look that up.

Stop thinking so much about the grammar and the placement of commas. Look that up on Tuesday when you have time in the day. It’s the weekend. Go do something fun.

You also don’t have to think about including bacon in every post. If something witty comes to mind then go ahead and put it in.

See, look at that. You just wrote an article that someone might read and decide that they could improve their blog. By just writing freely. I wrote that in one of my first posts. It was called “Writing”. How direct of a title is that.

It talked about just writing what comes to mind. Free thinking. You could write a whole novel that way. If it’s good it’s good. Someone might actually publish it.

Look at that. I just included another topic. I might help a struggling author break into the business. Like one that wanted me to follower her on Twitter. She might click on my link. Come here and read it. Learn something and go on to be an acclaimed author.

She would be so glad she read it, that she would write about me in one of her books. I would become famous. This little blog would become famous.

That is the type of dream you should be writing about.

That is what passion is about. Live your life. Live your dreams. No, this isn’t my dream. I don’t want to be a great writer. I just want to go about my life.

Doing the regular things people do. Going to work. Making sure my kid is ready to go to school. That is what I want. Right now that is. I won’t reveal my dream yet. That’s right. Someone that knows me might read this.

Or maybe just that man from Moscow.

Someone will read it. I might just get a long pause and eye roll. That’s fine, that is the point. I want that reaction. Well that’s because I’m weird. Just be yourself.

Also because the Focusin is wearing off.

Off to play Playstation 2. Correct, Playstation 2. I haven’t become famous enough to afford a newer game console. Someday.

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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