My Addictive Personality


Not a good heading but we’ll go with that.

Really, Chuck? You are going to post something in your blog again? I can never do anything in moderation. Once I become involved in something I must do it in excess. I never used to smoke. Then at work one day I wanted to hang out with my associates. I wanted to fit in. So I asked for a cigarette. Why Chuck? Why did you have to start? Now you are addicted.

I started writing to my blog. I have had the site for 6 months. Only now I have started writing to it. It is possible that I will become addicted.

Much like the time I started playing an online game. Even though the first time I saw it being played I thought it was a dumb game and a waste of time. Then one day I started playing it. I became addicted. I started playing 3 accounts at the same time. I would go to work and on breaks I would log on and play the game. I excelled at the game. I formed an alliance with someone from Korea. I was number one on the leaderboard out of millions of players. But I stopped playing. I found out the guy in Korea looks up people’s personal information when he plays them. That scared the hell out of me. He might find out who I am. Even though I figured he already knew who I was by now.

It also explains why I have so many collections. I started collect those damn Bradford Exchange plates. After seeing the same commercial over and over. I had to get the Babe Ruth plate. It is number 1 in a set though. No obligation to buy any more. Big mistake. I needed the whole set. Flyers kept coming in the mail. I needed more plates. All different sets of plates. Why? Who knows. They have been sitting in their original boxes for 20 years.

I got a job when I was 15 and started purchasing baseball cards because my friend did. I became obsessed with it. I didn’t even watch baseball that often. I wasn’t a fan I did for the collecting aspect. Never knowing what card you might get in the next pack. Buy some more now. You just might get that rare card. Like the time you thought you had a card signed by Joe Dimaggio. I called the card company to ask if I had one of the signed copies. I was so excited thinking “What if I did?”. It wasn’t though. Those were numbered. I had a facsimile. Bitter disappointment. I quit.

I went to the book store that was next door to the baseball card shop. I purchased a Silver Surfer comic book. Why a Silver Surfer? Because I listened to Joe Satriani in high school. He had an album called “Surfing With The Alien”. On the cover was a picture of the Silver Surfer. That is the only reason for the purchase of the comic. I didn’t read comics before. I didn’t read them after I bought them. I had subscriptions though. Spending all my money every week on my every growing subscription. I usually added any new Marvel Comic that came out.

The worst was when I started buying pinball machines. These are huge and I have a small house. No rec room in the basement. Why did I buy them? Because I liked pinball. I wanted to play when we went anywhere. Lesson for anybody if they like arcade games. Don’t buy one you will never play it again. I am really glad this did not go on for long. I did not have room.

That is because I also collect guitars and amplifiers. I do play guitar but not often enough to have as many as I do. I used to go to the music store and put a new one on layaway each week. That was much easier than driving the 50 mile trip to my favorite music store. I already spent so much there. That was when I did play guitar. I played sometimes the whole day after school. When I would stop at my friend’s house I would play his guitar. I would do that at his house for hours. The whole time ignoring each other. My neighbors hated me. I played loud and I played often. Don’t play so much anymore. I have housework to do. A daughter to raise.

That brings up another question. How are you going to support your child?

Not sure on that answer. I have enough to live off of. I think. I want to become a Free Range Human. I want to live life on my own terms. Read all about it in Marianne Cantwell’s book “How To Become A Free Range Human”. I plug her site for Free Range Humans.

That is the purpose of this article. I might be one step closer to this goal to be a free range human. If I am creative. If I use these addictive personalities for my benefit. I can sit and engage at the computer for hours on end. I can do all kinds of research. I can make thousands of connections all around the world. That would help me. I should of done that a year ago. But I was busy playing a video game.

I was starting to think that with a lot of practice I just could get good at writing. Good enough to write some e-books at least. I don’t have to write Pulitzer Prize shit. Don’t they say “When you put your mind to it. You can accomplish anything.”? (I don’t know if that is 2 sentences or 1. I also don’t know if this should be in parentheses.) I used to be a genius an addictive genius.

Maybe if I went to college. Then I would be better able to accomplish my goals. I would have been a genius with an education. That is much better than a genius with no knowledge. There is a difference there. You can be smart but not know anything. The equivalent to a computer without an operating system. It has the capability to calculate just no data. I didn’t go to college though. I was a poor genius. A subject which is another website I am working on. I want to help all the geniuses out there to get an education. I want to give them the resources to gain knowledge even if they think they can’t afford to go. I am kicking myself in the ass now. Because no matter how long I spent reading in the library. “Yes another addiction.” I didn’t ever read a book on how to go to college without a lot of money.

I know I might actually sound crazy. I think that goes with the territory for those with a high IQ. Except for the fact that I’m left handed. That is the death knell. Something traumatic happened to me before or during my birth. I looked that one up a long time ago. Apparently us lefty’s probably had a lack of oxygen to the brain during birth.

The fact that I am saying I was or am a genius sounds a little cocky and arrogant. I think most lefty’s are that way. Sorry if I offended any left hander’s out there. I have to be careful here. I was thinking about putting this article in my About page. That seems to be the most popular page readers go to. If I push the boundaries too far I’d be labeled a nutcase. Maybe I am a little bit crazy.

Really I guess that’s all I got for now. I have to get up early to send my kid off to school.

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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5 Responses to My Addictive Personality

  1. missmin says:

    I think I might just join you in your quest to become a free range human. I haven’t checked the website you mention, but I will…just soooo tired this evening. But the term sounds like it just might fit me perfectly! You stopped by my blog and ‘liked’ it sometime last night while I was sleeping. Thank you for that. I hope that if you did get a chance to read a bit of it, that you found something worthwhile there. I also agree about the whole rubbish of ‘liking’ posts for the sake of…what? Winning some popularity quiz? I write for a reason…to express me, yes…but also because I think the whole world gets around in an unconscious, unaware state…and it’s as if I can’t help myself. I just have to try to open a few eyes and add to the critical mass of more enlightened thinking. At the moment, I’m in a complete funk, which is a new state for me, so I guess the journey never ends. Your writing is extremely intelligent … I can feel your ‘lostness’ (not really a word) but am not sure what to say beyond that. I’m sure you’re sick of platitudes. For now, love and light. And good luck with the quest with new work, new place of living, and especially with free-ranging. Love and light.

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  2. Maria A. says:

    You’re different, you’re exceptionally talented 🙂


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