“This is How I Picture Myself” also known as “You only have AIDS because you think you do.”

I picture myself as an independent film maker. Filming my thoughts. My thoughts should be on film.

I am standing in my kitchen. I am staring at the coffee pot. The clock on the coffee maker is flashing 12:00. I have no need to set the clock. I unplug the electric leech. It uses electricity even when I am not using it. This is definitely not green.

While I am staring, I see in my mind clips of film that have never been made. Clips of what is happening in the rest of the world as I am standing staring at a coffee pot.

I stop and stare. I think of the origins of the universe. I ponder the reason we all exist. I think of theological questions. I want to know the reason that everything happens for a reason. I will not sit idly by as someone says “It is what it is.”. Well, what is it?

Have you heard of “The Secret”? It is a book and movie about all your thoughts being sent out into the universe. If you think of positive thoughts you will be repaid by the universe with positive rewards. If you think of negative thoughts you will see negative results.

People hear about “The Secret” and they think it is a new idea. Really, hasn’t everybody heard of religion.

There is a phrase “ You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.” Think about that. If you put your mind to the goal, it will happen. The goal may be good or bad. If you think of your self as a failure you will be a failure. I you think positively you will be successful. The definition of success here is how you picture what your life should be.

So are these three things about the same exact thing or is it coincidence. The answers may have been in front of us all this time. The answers to the existence of life.

Why do I post this today? Why don’t I wait till tomorrow? The answer to that is because of a blog I was reading. Researchers Cure HIV-Positive Baby! Cure For All Victims?. Wow, how could this have happened. Was it the research for HIV/Aids? Perhaps it was the power of everybody’s mind thinking of a cure. The mere thought of a cure created a way to combat this virus. Either that or the negative thoughts that created the virus had been subdued allowing for a cure to develop.

“I think therefore I am” This is a quote that is taken from some Latin text “Cogito ergo sum”. Some people believe that this means that because you can think you exist. What if this is another example of the act of thinking creates existence. If I didn’t think something existed it would cease to exist.

What evidence do I have? It is not solid conclusive evidence but modern religions have very thin evidence that their beliefs hold any water. In my theory there does not have to be an argument for religions. The can all be the correct true belief. The reason being is the followers of the religion believe in their faith so passionately that it does exist. Other religions exist to non-believers because they allow them to because they have some lack of faith. Some of the followers are weak and think that their religion is not the “true” religion.

The evidence I have is the next hit song. Why is the song that you heard first suddenly liked by millions? It is because you allowed the song to exist. You liked the song. The song became popular due to your positive influence on the music.This is much like “The Secret” but I think the act of thinking a thought allows it to exist. Without the thought it can not exist.

So this is how I picture myself. Staring at a coffee pot. Thinking of the existence of life. Clips of film being played in my head. Like an independent film maker. Why an independent film maker? The independents are allowed to be a little bizarre. They are the ones that get funding for their project by the BBC and PBS.

This is how I picture my thoughts being played to you. Like an episode of “Nova”. With me being the host of the show. In the show I would have all the visuals to show you. This collection of thoughts would be meticulously demonstrated and rationalized. Then we could turn the channel to one of the Digital Sub Channels of PBS. I am now hosting a lecture at a university.

Either of two things could happen here:

1. The act of me lecturing would cause some young minds that have not become set in their beliefs to actually think the theory exists in turn causing it to exist.

2. The thoughts could be challenged by the same young minds with some validating the theory could be true because they want it to exist.

This is not happening though. Not at this moment at least. I am standing, staring at a coffee pot.

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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