I Walk – Part 1 of I Walk

I begin my journey with a walk.

Along the journey towards the tracks to which belong to a train that has already passed long ago.

I am able to get a couple of messages off before my battery dies on my only communication link. I would have been dead if this were to be a war. Me having been in communications in the Army I should have been a little wiser.

I call for a cab. I tell my friend via text, the same friend who had dropped me off to give a special gift to a special friend, that I was getting a cab. I missed the train by 15 minutes. What I would do for 15 more minutes with her. My first love of my new life. It was love when I first met her. Her smile, her laugh, even a giggle snort or two. She can liven any room. She is sophisticated. Nobody wants to delve any deeper with her.

I know my phone is low on the electric juice that is so needed in this modern world as I begin but I can’t beg to stay at her house not here, not now. She isn’t here anyway. She is miles away in her mind. She wants to go back to where she once called home. She would like to click her heels and be back in Kansas. Her and Toto too.

She tells me things that are bothering her that are not part of my social circle. I am baffled. I want the details. I need to visualize. That is the only way for me to understand. Every conversation. Every view. The details need to be examined.

Cab driver refuses me saying it was company policy that the fare had to be paid up front. I may have to delve a little further into company policies but I just don’t think the driver wanted to drive me 30 minutes away.

I walk to the gas station. I ask the attendant if he had a phone charger to start my phone up. He tells me he doesn’t but they have some for sale. I didn’t even have enough for a fare for the train that I missed. All because I gave $2.50 to a man that needed it. He was having a hard time in his life. I stood and listened to him. I was quiet. I was waiting. Waiting on a friend who had met an old grade school friend. I knew it was time for an exit.

I walked to the train tracks to a train that I knew I had missed. That 11 o’clock train wasn’t important. There was still another train to my Hometown. I was wrong when I said that I gave that man $2.50. I wanted to give him the money instead he traded me something. A vessel, a vessel to carry water or coffee in. You may call it a bowl, or jar, damn call it a box for all I care, the important part is they all do the same job. They are all basically equal.

I ask to try a mobile phone charger that is for sale because I had been walking from the train station and it was cold and I didn’t have enough money to buy it. All $5 that was left on my debit card was spent to play a few songs on the jukebox. No deal from the gas peddler I buy a cup of coffee and continue on my journey. As I leave I am asked if I put the charger I was looking at back. This man knows me for 15 seconds and he has already suggested that I am a thief.

As I continue about a quarter mile lighting another cigarette I take inventory of my possessions 10 cigarettes, a phone which needs a charge to start, an empty pack of cigarettes, a used Scripto lighter, some spare change to be given to Ronald McDonald’s Charities, some glass artwork, a wallet with a my new state ID, everything checks out.

I walk a little further light another cigarette take inventory again and remember I have a full cup of coffee. How can I forget about the coffee. It is what has been keeping me up all this time.

Just a little further and I might see my friend drive by.

If she is on her way

To be continued

Chapter 2 “Around the Bend”

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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