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The Last Thing I Thought Of

You were the last thing that I thought of before I went to sleep. It was no surprise that the dream I had was of you. Like any other time, whether we were together or not, it was like a … Continue reading

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I am empty. All my thoughts have been released. There is nothing left it seems. My heart is gone. A void is in its place. As I’ve written my blood was spilled upon the pages of life. I may dream … Continue reading

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The Heart of Poetry

What does it mean to have a heart like a poet? Does it mean that you are broken? Does it mean you only see life in black and white? All or nothing? Can there be a middle ground in a … Continue reading

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Pity me

Pity me Pity me for thinking Thinking things last forever The loving The caring Pity me for remembering Remembering when I first met you The wanting The hoping Pity me for believing Believing In your touch The words The trust … Continue reading

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To Hell and Back to The Blackness

Imagine, as I have, that you had died and was sentenced to wander the earth with no way to escape. Not even death was a permanent solution. I frequently thought to myself “Am I trapped in a dream. Hooked up … Continue reading

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Suddenly without warning I was given emotions. When I seen you smile as if it was the first I ever did see. When I seen you laughing and the joy that could be had. When you talked to me and … Continue reading

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My World My Creation

My little world was created out of necessity. It was a beautiful world. There was only love and no hate. I loved the world and the world loved me. There was beauty everywhere. It was the perfect world. Until it … Continue reading

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The Lengths I Go To Write A Story

A little over a year ago I began writing. It started out that way because I had an idea for a website. The idea was to link everything in life somehow to bacon. It sounded like a good gimmick. The … Continue reading

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Me, Myself and the Internet

Just the same thoughts going on in my mind…

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