Where have you been?

Where have I been?
I’ve been everywhere and I’ve been through a lot. I haven’t written anything in a year. I used to write as part of a healing process.
My writings became fodder for hatred against me. Well just because I am crazy.
The stories I had told were out of this world because I was out of my mind.
My illness overwhelmed me and those around me. Now those that were once close to me don’t want anything to do with me. I am now utterly alone.
It is part of the sad truth. Each step I have taken to improve myself and my life has been met by a great resistance. Those that know me don’t want to speak to me. Life has been better without me in it apparently. There doesn’t seem like there is anything I could do to change that perspective. The damage that has been done is too great.
I hold out for hope. The hope that there would be someone to see me as I am. There is greatness within. Behind the damaged facade. That discovery of what is within will have to wait. For now…

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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3 Responses to Where have you been?

  1. Rhian Jones says:

    So nice to see that you wrote again after a year. Happy blogging 🙂


  2. wifecheated -Help with Infidelity. says:

    I an glad you are back.


  3. Thank you for sharing. You are never alone. You are a special and cherished being. Take care. xxx


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