What are the odds?

What were the odds of our paths crossing? Call it fate if you will.

The roads that had led to this path are all but forgotten. They were long and winding roads filled with obstacles, detours, and dead ends forcing us onto another trail.

Some trails were harder to travel than others. They were full of muck and mire slowing us down. Others were covered in darkness with only the stars to guide us on our way.

Of course I’ve been lost during these travels. My body shows the scars of the wounds that have healed. The ones within my mind are harder to see.

So when I finally came to this bridge to see you on the other side it was an easy decision to cross. In the hopes of taking you along with me in this journey. To take you to places you have never been before.

Time will tell what the rest of the adventures of life will be. Will there be a road to guide us or are
we merely at a rest stop along the way?

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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