You should write a book…

You should write a book they tell me. I always talk about writing that book. The greatest story ever told. That would be an impossible task.

It’s been 5 years between posts.

Why is that? Because a had stability. Not perfect. I’ve had my problems. I worked on them. The problems that is .

I always want to finish the tasks I’ve put on the back burner. I try to make the finished product perfect. Much like the perfect image in my mind.

My book would have to be perfect. A masterpiece. Much like the works of Shakespeare, or is it Francis Bacon. I’ve never read Shakespeare, but it seems I’ve been living out the life of his characters.

I’m easily influenced by my surroundings. The movies I watch, the songs I hear, the books I read. I am a hypochondriac. My senses are too sensitive it seems. Of course this is my self diagnosis. It is obvious I am a hypochondriac though. Whatever I feel I need to check my symptoms. I also hate to see doctors. I hate outdoor spaces. I am a germophobe.

People think I am making this stuff up. No, I really am afraid of everything. They say I don’t always wash my hands. If I washed my hands every time I felt I needed to my hands would be raw. The rate I wash my hands now is quite excessive as it is. My hands are dry and cracking already. I need to wrap my hands in the winter already. This coronavirus has put me into hyper panic.

Is that even a word?

I don’t know but it should be at least. That’s what I feel.

There are so many paths for my book it is so hard to keep track of the story. Each and every story is important to me. They are the stories that make up me.

I’m a story teller. I’ve wanted to be a song writer. It’s seems all the good songs have already been written. I’ve listened to so many different types.

Whenever I hear a song I love I find my source of inspiration. The song I was thinking of writing. The notes. The words.

Is that why I write?

I don’t know. There are many reasons I want to. Is the writing a way to deal with my problems when alone. A way to deal with my phobias. Definitely.

That’s one reason. The problems. There are so many I could write a book. The pick your adventures book of life. Because I have lived many lives. I have many personalities. Literally. They all answer to my name. When I tell my stories its better when I don’t say who I am. Those stories are unedited. They are the whole truth. My secrets.

My secrets can probably be relatable to a large mass of readers or listeners. It’s hard though to not put off the other followers or fans if you will.

The ghost writer. Many great writers have used them and changed the name I don’t see why I couldn’t either. Which leads us back to bacon. Francis Bacon that is.

Live Life Love Bacon. Catchy title I thought. A website with articles that all related back to Bacon. Yum, Bacon. Deep thinking and bacon bits. I lost the website name I created. I made it as a .com. No biggie, Noone really enters the web address anyway. There are so many different addresses that you would go broke buying all the .net .biz .org names.

So should I make the website. Too late it’s already made. Just a different name for now. A .com is not ready yet. Maybe it never will.

Should I change my name?

I wouldn’t do that just for a gimmick or publicity. I already try to make my stories I up as my real life. I try to act out that story just so I may say based on real events.

What about the real events?

The real events are as amazing as the fiction. It truly is hard for me to know the difference.

There is a very thin line between the life and fantasy. Something Hamlet, Shakespeare or Francis Bacon may have already contemplated and written. Is it the timing. Is Shakespeare known to be so talented because of when he wrote the plays, the works. The works of art.

What if it was me?

These are the same things I think of everyday, every hour, every minute, morning, noon, and night.

Which leads me to back to Bacon. It’s all in my family tree. Bacon is one of my family’s surnames. I’ve researched to no end. So many twists and turns. Each life of an ancestor becomes my obsession. I want to know it all. Every detail of that person.

My family tree is full of lies though. The lies of past researchers. Lies of the families I researched. Those tales they have told. Nobody knows who made who. We have one way now. DNA. The use of DNA is still a bit sketchy in genealogy though. It doesn’t give you a straight answer.

Which leads me back to my book.

Straight answers. I am having artists create a graphic for me. Perhaps this will be in my book. If even that book is only a picture book.

The pictures would eventually lead back to Bacon. Now for the title.

“The Cookbook of Life” , “Painting The Wall of Life “, “The Battle Between Good Vs Evil. The War Within Yourself ” Hmm

Has to be unique. As unique as the author.

My time is up now. I have to get back to painting. Painting the wall of life within my mind. With embellishments by Chuck Rozell.

Live Life Love Bacon

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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1 Response to You should write a book…

  1. Leon Stevens says:

    Writing something is the first step. To foster the love of putting down your thoughts or your ideas is what we do as writers. The next step may be to share our creations in whatever form it is comfortable. That is not always the right move, but sometimes it is. When I began to write, it was for myself, and it helped me deal with “stuff”. I decided to publish because I thought that others could relate to what I had written and could be of some help, or at least be entertaining. Sometimes things just fall into place.
    I began my journey writing songs. You said:
    “It’s seems all the good songs have already been written.”- Along with way to many bad ones…
    There are still good and unique songs to be written if the song helps the writer-or the listener.


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