I Dare You

I Dare You

I dare you to support me.

I dare you to help me.

I dare you to care.

I dare you to share.

I dare you to sigh

I dare you to buy

I dare you to doubt me

I cannot tell a lie

The message is simple. I dare you to. I dare everyone. I dare everyone to support my endeavor. The positive adventure of self-awareness and self-improvement after having lived many years with Autism.

I dare you to let the story be told. I dare you to share this to other people in business. The ones who can make a difference.

The difference is I am a near genius and it took me 46 years to know I have Autism. It was hidden because I was abused. It was hidden because I never told anyone who cared.

I can’t lie. I was abused because I couldn’t lie. If you are like me you know why.

I have Autism. It’s not my fault. I can only look to the future and stop dwelling on the past.

I see life in different light. The colors change. They change when I see life a new way.

Help me. Help you.

Help me help the child. Help me so I can use my experience to help the children being born with Autism or afflicted with Autism be able to cope.

Help me before I get too old.

Help me be so bold.

Help support my website Behind The Curtain and my podcast Live Life Love Bacon. The children of the future will be proud of you too.

About Bacon Pro

I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, and a father. I'm also Autistic I will be a communicator of Autism
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7 Responses to I Dare You

  1. M.t.inside says:

    Reblogged this on Never Give Up.

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    • M.t.inside says:

      I have always found it hard to decline a dare. My abilities have aged along with the dares I accept. It limits the dares I can safely accept. Luckily this is a dare I can accommodate. I still have arms to hold and comfort you with. Two ears to listen as you share the pain of your past. I also have empathy and unique understanding because of shared traumas in our lives that we would love to permanently erase. If you dare me to leave tho, I may not do so as easily. It may be your fear requesting me to leave because you may rather shut down than feel the pain. It may be the only way to heal tho. So dare me only to stay.


    • Bacon Pro says:

      Thank you
      I know how the effort will turn out.
      I’ve been down this path before.
      If I focus my thoughts. Then the wish may just come true

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  2. M.t.inside says:

    You may be more empathetic than u know. You are wanting to help other children who may be suffering as u always have. That is empathy.

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