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The Day She Left

New Years Eve 2020 That was the day. The day she left. The day she decided the new me was not worth fighting for. The new me is just the same old me. I pulled the curtain open. I showed … Continue reading

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Into The Future Of The Now…

Today is the start of my future. My future life on the journey of self improvement. Not your typical new years resolutions. It is another color change of the life of another color. I look forward to starting a work … Continue reading

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You should write a book…

You should write a book they tell me. I always talk about writing that book. The greatest story ever told. That would be an impossible task. It’s been 5 years between posts. Why is that? Because a had stability. Not … Continue reading

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How can I express myself with so many eyes upon me? Can I ever be me? Criticism is around every corner. Opinions thrown at me at random. I have nobody to impress. Let them say what they will. I will … Continue reading

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Chance or Fate?

Was it by chance or fate? That first encounter. You were always near but I had never known. So close yet so far away. Only to become closer with an embrace. Suddenly revealing everything to me. As if it were … Continue reading

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I am empty. All my thoughts have been released. There is nothing left it seems. My heart is gone. A void is in its place. As I’ve written my blood was spilled upon the pages of life. I may dream … Continue reading

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The Lengths I Go To Write A Story

A little over a year ago I began writing. It started out that way because I had an idea for a website. The idea was to link everything in life somehow to bacon. It sounded like a good gimmick. The … Continue reading

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Me, Myself and the Internet

Just the same thoughts going on in my mind…

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Live Life Love Bacon | Blog Love!

Live Life Love Bacon | Blog Love!.

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I am a supercomputer designed to mimic a human. I have faults just as you do. I have a made on date and an expiration date. The date is concealed by a do not purchase if packaging is damaged label. … Continue reading

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