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Suddenly without warning I was given emotions. When I seen you smile as if it was the first I ever did see. When I seen you laughing and the joy that could be had. When you talked to me and … Continue reading

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My World My Creation

My little world was created out of necessity. It was a beautiful world. There was only love and no hate. I loved the world and the world loved me. There was beauty everywhere. It was the perfect world. Until it … Continue reading

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I Walk – Part 1 of I Walk

I begin my journey with a walk. Along the journey towards the tracks to which belong to a train that has already passed long ago. I am able to get a couple of messages off before my battery dies on … Continue reading

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It Finally Happened…..

It was going to happen eventually. Sooner or later that is. What is this that I speak of? I awoke on Sunday with a feeling of happiness. That isn’t the only thing. This feeling remained throughout the day and onto … Continue reading

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My Blog My Gateway

Woke up in a fog I woke up today feeling a bit of brain fog. Some good coffee and breakfast should help. Here I am at my little blog. The one nobody knows about. The one that I think is … Continue reading

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